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Escape Room Bremen | Immersion Escape. Wolfsschädel mit Farn

The Escape Room in Bremen

Escape Room Bremen | Immersion Escape. Wolfsschädel mit Farn

The Escape Room in Bremen

Welcome to our Escape Room in Bremen where you can experience the thrill of two unique themes: Vikings and Wasteland. Test your problem-solving skills and teamwork in our immersive rooms that transport you to a post-apocalyptic world or to the realm of ancient Viking warriors.

In our Wasteland themed room, you’ll have to survive in a harsh and barren landscape, using your intelligence and teamwork to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and uncover secrets. Our Viking themed room, on the other hand, will transport you to a mythical land of Nordic warriors where you must use your wit and strategy to solve riddles and outsmart your foes.

Our Escape Rooms are designed to challenge and excite you, with stunning attention to detail that will transport you to another world. Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or new to the experience, our rooms are sure to leave you with an unforgettable adventure.

Book now to experience the thrill of our unique Viking and Wasteland Escape Rooms in Bremen Habenhausen.

Our Escape Rooms:


The Wrath of

the Gods

2-6 Players

60 Minutes




English / German

Escape Room Bremen Wikinger Escaperoom
Escape Room Bremen Wasteland Schaltpanel und Leuchten Escaperoom


Dr. Scrappy’s
Junkyard Labs

3-6 Players

60 Minutes



Medium – Hard


Our Escape Room Story

A new escape room in the south of Bremen has been created. In the middle of the Habenhausen commercial area, we take you to foreign worlds. We plan, build and test our rooms ourselves and put our experience and ideas into the conception. We attach great importance to the individuality of our rooms and have chosen our themes accordingly.

Who we are? We are three people from Bremen, for whom the dreary Corona everyday life has become idle. A site manager, a software developer and a quality inspector have decided to open a new escape room in Bremen! As a part-time job, we have become self-employed and work passionately on our rooms.

What we are doing? Two rooms with new themes have been created, which should take you into two different worlds. Choose between Vikings or Wasteland and dive into strange worlds. Have a look at our rooms.

How did you do it? We designed and built our rooms ourselves. If you want to learn more about our build, check out our construction report.

Escaperoom Stab mit Fell und Trommel

Where to find us:

Fritz-Thiele-Str. 19
28279 Bremen

Phone: +49163/4826366

Contact the Immersion Escape Team:

Do you have questions about our escape rooms or special appointment requests? Just write us a message - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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