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Immpression Wikinger Escape Room

Viking Escape Room

Immpression Wikinger Escape Room
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Viking Escape Room

Step into the world of Nordic warriors and explore the mystery and adventure of our Viking-themed Escape Room in Bremen. In this immersive experience, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm of longships, runes, and epic battles. Solve riddles, overcome challenges, and use your strategic thinking to outsmart your foes and uncover the secrets of this ancient culture.

Whether you’re a fan of Norse mythology or just love the thrill of escape rooms, our Viking-themed Escape Room in Bremen is sure to be an exciting adventure. Come and experience the excitement of the Viking world and book your adventure today!

Escape Room Bremen Wikinger

Vikings – The Wrath of the gods



60 Minutes

2-6 Players

English / German

You must be an adventurer to venture into the darkness of our homeland.
But it’s good that you’re here, because we need your help!
We have been cursed and it has been night and iron cold in our lands for days. Also, our shaman, the only one who knew what ritual to perform to break this curse, is gone…

This room is suitable for all persons who want to experience an adventure. Whether you already have played an escape room is not important.


2 Players 80,00 €
3 Players 99,00 €
4 Players 110,00 €
5 Players 125,00 €
6 Players 138,00 €

Immpression Wikinger Escape Room mit Fackel
Immpression Wikinger Escape Room mit Baumstämmen und Fackel
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